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Luxury Adult Immersive Experience Events

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Murder mystery

Murder mystery

For this immersive experience a large part of the enjoyment comes from an element of surprise and intrigue. We propose the guests are invited to a pre-dinner drinks experience during which a murder occurs!

With a host of eccentric characters dotted around the hotel, the guests will journey through the various rooms conversing with these characters to find out the details of the murder, whilst taking part in an experience such as participating in a seance, conducting an orchestra, reading tarot cards, playing poker, or creating a delicious drink.

Once the guests have been moved through to dinner our inspector will interrogate the suspects before the guests get the chance to reveal who they believe committed the murder.

If there is a particular theme or era that you would like to base the activity on, we can write the storyline accordingly and will have characters to suit the theme. Suspects can either be actors provided by us or some of your more outgoing team members. We can also adapt this to a daytime activity if you wish.

7 secret doors

7 secret doors

Teams will immerse themselves in 7 separate experiences ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Along the way they will meet different characters who will take them into bizarre realms of intrigue and mystery.


An improvisation pianist who is out of ideas, a German beat-boxer with a loop pedal he isn’t afraid to use, a 10 piece orchestra with no conductor but how will the team string together a perfect symphony?!

80s Game Show

The players will be thrown into an 80/90’s game show heaven where the charismatic TV host will introduce them to the television cameras and the audience. He will place them in teams behind game-show plinths and the guests will have to take part as actual contestants in the game show, going through the rounds successfully in order to reach the final round.


The teams will enter a room where the very air they breathe is a fine Gin & Tonic vapour, they are in a hydroponic gin distillery with a barman serving cocktails with ‘flare’.

Diamond Heist

Diamond Heist

Undercover agents will appear at the briefing point. They are on the trail of 15 diamonds that are unaccounted for following the capture of the Hatton Garden robbers.

Intelligence suggests that some of the robber’s accomplices are meeting at a secret location nearby. The gang are notoriously careful, rarely seen together and cover their tracks. They also suspect there is a mole on the inside at Scotland Yard as they seem to know the identity of officers and agents that are hunting them down. For this reason, Scotland Yard needs to recruit 10-15 teams of undercover agents that will be totally unknown to the gang. They need to be intelligent, quick-witted and discrete.

Their mission will be to find, follow and infiltrate the gang whilst solving and cracking the complex security protocols that have kept part of the gang safe from the authorities for so long.

The team will track packages, crack locks, bug conversations, hack dark websites, follow gang members, lose tails and navigate through the gang’s underworld to locate the 15 diamonds.

All teams will have a common goal of recovering the diamonds but it will be a race to see which team is the fastest and worthy of recruitment to Scotland Yard Flying Squad!

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