Corporate Adult Christmas Parties

Corporate Adult Christmas Parties

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Immersive Christmas Murder Mystery

Immersive Christmas Murder Mystery

Who's it for: Creative team who would enjoy an immersive experience

How many people: Suitable for smaller groups of 10-20 at an intimate dinner party, but can adapt to a larger groups of 200+ for a large corporate Christmas party

Where: Private dining room/Hotel that has been exclusively hired

Duration: Ideally across an evening over a 2-3 hour time period

The details: A dramatic murder will take place at the beginning of the evening. There will be a number of excellent, short experiences dotted around the space that people can engage with as much or as little as they like, each hosted by a character woven into the narrative who will reveal information about the victim and suspects.

Characters can include: Seance priest, Tarot card reader, Inventor, Artist in residence, Improv pianist, Speakeasy casino

5 Secret Spaces Immersive Experience

5 Secret Spaces Immersive Experience

Who's it for: Teams who would like to incorporate several different activities/experiences

How many people: Groups of 40+

Where: Privately hired space with 4+ break out rooms

Duration: 3+ hours

The details: At this party, we will create 5 different experiences that will challenge, excite and surprise guests as they enter. These include an experimental food emporium with extraordinary contraptions producing anything from flavoured mist and edible bubbles to liquid nitrogen ice cream. You then step onto the studio floor of a gameshow and become contestants. There's also a speakeasy style cocktail bar in which you all create a fantastic drink with dry ice, bubbles and flames. Not forgetting an artist welcomes you into their studio for you to start spinning clay pots on a wheel. Lastly, there's an exciting escape room where the only way out is through completing a series of challenges and activities.

Festive Christmas Quest

Festive Christmas Quest

Who's it for: Smaller teams who are up for a challenge!

How many people: Anywhere from 5-70 would be most suited

Where: Across London! With a starting point (usually office space), and a final location (ideally pub/restaurant).

Duration: From 1.5-3 hours

The details: The Festive Quest is our take on a treasure hunt! Guests will be split into teams and receive a triple locked briefcase and a highly designed map. To unlock the secrets of the map they will first have to crack cryptic clues and ciphers and then solve riddles to reveal locations of challenges. By locating and completing the challenges players will receive the keys and codes required to open their briefcase. Once they’ve broken into their own briefcase, the teams will find the location of the final destination and the first to make it there will be the victors.

North Pole Workshop

North Pole Workshop

Who's it for: Groups with an artistic and creative flair

How many people: More suitable for smaller groups

Where: Corporate offices/restaurant/hired space - not too much space is required.

Duration: 1-2 hours

The details: What better way to prepare for Christmas than your very own North Pole Workshop!

This party will fill you with lots of festive ideas and hacks as you decorate and make various Christmas crafts. The session will include two of the activities from the list below:

  • Chocolate making with Mrs Claus
  • Mini Christmas cake decorating
  • Wreath making
  • Calligraphy bauble decorating
  • Bespoke fabric cracker making
  • Gingerbread house decorating
Beat the Grinch

Beat the Grinch

Who's it for: Groups who are up for a bit of friendly competition!

How many people: 20-200+

Duration: 2 hours

Where: Large spaces with plenty of cleared floorspace 

The details: The Grinch is out to steal Christmas and it’s your chance to stop him. In this Christmas party, teams will take on a series of festive challenges to earn snowballs. The more snowballs you collect, the better chance you have of defeating the Grinch in the grand finale of an epic snowball fight!

Challenges include:

  • Candy cane limbo
  • Edible elf races
  • Gold penny towers
  • Elf pennyhose
  • Yeti obstacle course
  • Mrs Claus’ creative challenge
  • Reindeer antler toss
  • Snowball shots


Bespoke Christmas Party

Bespoke Christmas Party

Who’s it for: All groups

How many people: We can cater to any group size

Where: Your offices, a hired space, a colleagues home…we will come to wherever you are!

Duration: As short or as long as you would like!

The details: If you would like a completely unique Christmas party tailored exclusively to your business then please contact us to discuss one of our bespoke corporate parties. Our team of event planners can work with you to develop theming ideas for your event, or if you have a specific theme in mind we can help you bring this to life. From elaborate venues and decor that transports guests to another world, to brilliant performances from professional roaming bands, fire performers, dancers and more! We can handle every detail from the initial planning stages to the event management, ensuring the evening is unforgettable and everyone has a fantastic time! 


Dinnertime activities

Dinnertime activities

Who’s it for: Groups looking to add something a little more exciting to their corporate dinner party

How many people: Suitable for slightly smaller groups - 6-30 guests

Duration: 1 hour

Where: A private dining room or private home

The details: These are suited to guests looking for a slightly less immersive form of entertainment, which can be enjoyed over the course of a drinks reception or a meal. For guests who would like something a little less immersive, walk-around entertainment is a great option. This includes magicians, tarot card readers, caricaturists and silhouette artists who will mingle and interact with the guests during the course of the evening. If you have booked a festive dinner at a restaurant, our table top heist is a great option and is our take on an escape room - guests will compete in teams to unlock a briefcase using clues hidden in plain sight! We can also adapt our Murder Mystery to take place during drinks or over dinner, where our flamboyant host will guide guests through a variety of short experiences to learn information about the murder that has taken place.


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