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Lovely Bristol Feedback

Great party, one of the best, your guys were really great. Hilarious that James is a med student likely to hit lectures with some of the parents, both lads were lovely in jeans and t shirts bouncing around rather than the grim Elsa lookalikes in silly shoes! The very traditional party games were a real pleasure for children and parents, no gizmos, just honest fun, enjoyed hugely by all. Archie is running S&G parties anywhere in range of Bristol.


Sharky & George has a simple aim. To find the fun in everything. Our jaw-dropping children’s parties are all about getting everyone involved in active, imaginative and energetic games, races, competitions, adventures and missions always involving a certain amount of mischief! Sharky (Charlie) and George have never quite grown up, and don't intend to any time soon. They have managed to build a whole team of guys and girls who are complete experts in fun with boundless energy, effortless charm and totally brilliant with children of all ages. So whether you’re interested in a woodland survival party, a chocolate making extravaganza, a movie making masterclass or a couple of hours of good honest fun, Sharky & George will do everything we possibly can to create the most awesome party imaginable.

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"Thank you Sharky and George for the best party, Harry loved it! Don't know where Max and John found the energy! Next year survival!!!! X"

Holly Willoughby

"Tom and James were like those big brothers that young kids dream of having. "

Edith Bowman


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