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S&G IN THE WOODS (7-14 years old)

Since the dawn of civilisation (well...a seriously long time ago), children have been drawn towards woodlands to build camps, invent games, get muddy and have adventures outside. A Sharky & George kids' adventure party brings together all these brilliant and exciting things in an action-packed expedition into the woods. Everyone will learn how to be sneaky snipers, make fire without matches, build shelters, catapult water bombs and of course cover themselves in camo paint. Activities will depend on the area in which we have to play, but we'll make sure that your kids adventure party is unforgettable.

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"Sharky and George are simply the best! Kids (and me!) love them."

Bear Grylls

"Charlie and Andy were veritable Pied Pipers, leading the kids round the garden from one adventure to the next. "