Sharky & George | Movie making party - lights, camera, action!

Movie making party (8-14 year olds)

An S&G movie-making party is just that - budding Brad Pitts and aspiring Emma Watsons have all hit the S&G set with silly costumes, mad props and some crazy accents to portray their heroes in productions of James Bond, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Tintin, Pirates of the Caribbean and Pink Panther to name but a few. Have a look at our movie making party showreel to get a better idea, pick a film or selection of films and give us a call, we'll transform your vision into a movie masterpiece. Next stop - Hollywood!

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"The finished product was fantastic and Larissa was thrilled."

Mel Thomas

"We will treasure this and obviously you'll get credit when Gabes wins his first Oscar. "

Ann Corbett