Sharky & George | Mini olympics party - like the olympics but much more FUN!


Who will be the champion at your Mini Olympics party? Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah - none of these people would be happy with the rules at this party. Our version of the Olympics lacks the regulation and lycra that allows these people to compete at the top level. Luckily, it does allow for a lot of fun and silliness. Strawberry bootlace eating races, 3-sticks long jump, crawling races, dizzy sticks, water bomb shot put and tug-of-war are just a few of the many events that make up the Mini Olympics party. And of course, tea and medals for everyone is essential!

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"fabulous fun and both of my boys completely adored them"


"all the children were engaged, and played, and LOVED all of the games"