Sharky & George | 'Full-on' kids disco party - bring you best moves!

S&G In da Club (11 years and up)

Those first 'full-on' kids discos are pretty daunting, but luckily our DJs are young enough to remember some of the anguish and ensure that the dreaded BOY - GIRL split down the middle of the room is avoided at all costs. The music can be whatever you choose it to be from the grimiest dubstep to the poppiest pop. S&G will get everyone on the dancefloor within seconds, so make sure you bring your flyest moves. With break dancing competitions, arches, limbo and crowd surfing, this is strictly for those who like to party. Hard. We provide everything that's needed for a 'full-on' kids disco party - large booming speakers, an impressive lighting rig with UV lights, strobes, lasers and smoke machine as well as glow bracelets and UV face paints.

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"Just a little note to say that AJ was really excellent. "

Florence Finegold

"All the children had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! "