Sharky & George | Crafty party - arts, crafts and some classic party games

Crafty Party (3-6 year olds)

An S&G kids' crafty party caters for anyone who has ever wanted to be a pirate with bling, a feathery princess or a humble king. The team will bring along gems, stickers, pens, feathers and everything you might need to make your dreams come true! Along with eye patches, wands and swords we'll also get everyone decorating biscuits, catching bubbles and playing some classic party games.

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NB: Party activities may differ from those mentioned (find out more)

"All the children just had the best fun and it really was a joy to see"

Amber Burford

"Their unrelenting energy, bounce, kindness and patience were appreciated by children and parents alike"

Antonia Bowdler