Sharky & George | Classic kids party games, races and competitions

CLASSIC KIDS PARTY (4-11 years old)

The classic party is where S&G started and is still at the heart of everything we do. There will be an unending series of kids' party games, races and competitions that will be tailored to the crowd based on traditional active games. Getting bored watching a performance is not an option here. All the children will be darting around, chasing rocket balloons, heaving a tug-of-war rope, catapulting water bombs and catching sharks under a parachute. If they are quick enough they might even win the occasional sweetie!

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NB: Party activities may differ from those mentioned (find out more)

"Your company is so unique and the guys who work for you are like cool big brothers/sisters. "

Debra Blenkinsop

"I have had Sharky and George Parties for both my boys for several years now - and I cannot recommend them highly enough"

Miranda Moody