Sharky & George | Choctastic kids party - fun, games and most importantly CHOCOLATE!

CHOCTASTIC KIDS PARTY (8-14 year olds)

99.9% of children love chocolate. If you are in the 0.1% then this is not the party for you. If on the other hand you are in the sensible section, then you will LOVE the Choctastic kids party. As truly creative chocolatiers, everyone will make the most delicious chocolate truffles in all shapes and sizes, enrol in the Smartie-sucking championships and play lots of chocolate based games. You can also eat as much chocolate as you like. Not forever though - it's back to healthy fruit and veg once your Choctastic kids party is over I'm afraid!

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"on top of the awesome chocolate games the chocolates that the children made were fantastic!"

"Massive thank you to Jim and Max for making Wililam's birthday totally unforgettable"

Phil and Laura