Sharky & George | Kids wedding entertainment - the big day for small people

Wedding Entertainment 3-12 year olds

Everyone loves having children at a wedding, but what to do with the little nippers when they get fed up with the whole cutting of the cake, speeches and grown-up bits?

Simple. Place them in the capable and exuberant hands of an experienced team of entertainers, who, armed with a novel array of props and good old-fashioned fun, will elicit squeals of happiness from children (aged 3 – 12 years). Whether you wish your younger guests to be whisked away to give your adult guests and parents a chance to let their hair down, or want to keep the children involved throughout the day at a discreet distance - We can organise imaginative activities that have been thoughtfully planned from a child’s point of view for maximum glee factor. From launching Chinese paper lanterns adorned with messages for the happy couple, to treasure hunts and games, everything has been designed for a wide age range so they can all play together. After all which age group doesn’t enjoy tug of war or catapulting waterbombs! Babies and toddlers (from 0 – 3 years) can also be looked after by our nannies, who will include the littlest ones as much as possible in the games. Our favourites? Just picture little gaggles of children weaving through the guests offering their home-made chocolate truffles as you polish off your puddings, and then watch out for a miniature dance crew with glow bracelets, UV paint, fancy dress and some freshly taught moves unleashed on the dance floor – a literal flash mob!

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"They were just quite amazing and I can't praise them highly enough. It must be hard enough maintaining that level of good cheer and fun for a two hour party - let alone over twelve hours of entertain"

Georgia Masters (Bordeaux)

"Their enthusiasm, energy and creativity were infectious and all the kids were engaged and had the most fantastic time."

Alex Lipton