Sharky & George | Mega parties for kids - the ultimate day of interactive theatre

Mega Party

A privileged few have had the chance to be invited to a fully immersive day of interactive theatre crossed with serious missions that test their cunning, intelligence, courage and teamwork to solve, decipher, unravel and crack clues, riddles and algorithums. Welcome to the world of the Sharky and George Mega Party for kids! 10 fourteen year olds waiting patiently at Eton to be picked up for a birthday party. 12 nine year olds expecting a nice woodland camping trip over a weekend. 15 sixteen year olds summoned for an Apprentice challenge by Lord Sugar to London’s Southbank. Each of these groups of unsuspecting children were unaware of the adventure they were about to embark upon…SAS training, car and boat chases, spy missions, espionage, hostage situations, button-hole cameras, helicopters and a few beautiful yet corrupt politicians, henchmen and aliases for the children to interact with have been just some of the escapades that the children have found themselves involved with. We can't say anymore here but give us a call to find out more about these extraordinary days and weekends.

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"Seeing the children’s joy was worth the journey in itself (from Germany!)"

Quintessentially Events

"Thank you Sharky and George for the best party, Harry loved it! Don't know where Max and John found the energy! Next year survival!!!! X"

Holly Willoughby