Sharky & George | Kids party food, delicious, wholesome healthy goodness

Kids Party Food

The Sharky and George catering team know what food kids like to eat at birthday parties. They also know that this isn't always what parents want their little cherubs to be chewing on.... So they have tried to strike a balance between yummy delicious naughtiness and wholesome healthy goodness. Take a look at our kids' party menus, but if you don't like what you see our chefs will not be offended and will happily tailor a menu to your specific needs. Lots of people opt for individual party food boxes, but equally popular is to set up more of a buffet vibe that everyone can dig into as they please.

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"Their enthusiasm, energy and creativity were infectious and all the kids were engaged and had the most fantastic time."

Alex Lipton

"It’s colourful, fun and full of excitement. They’ve even included a double page spread of fun little stickers. There’s nothing I don’t love about this book... "

My Baba