Sharky & George | Kids party cakes that are out of this world!

Kids Party Cakes

There are A LOT of kids' party cakes out there, from gooey homemade ones and intricate 3D models, to elaborate popcakes and stunning cupcakes. Whatever cake you’re after, try us - we’ve made them all, including a Titanic / fighter jet / mermaid cake, so we are pretty sure we can help you with whatever springs from the birthday boy or girl's imagination. Take a look at the some of the (kids) party cakes we’ve made before and then let us know what design you are looking for. The sky (but not the Titanic it seems!) is the limit.

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"Their enthusiasm, energy and creativity were infectious and all the kids were engaged and had the most fantastic time."

Alex Lipton

"It’s colourful, fun and full of excitement. They’ve even included a double page spread of fun little stickers. There’s nothing I don’t love about this book... "

My Baba