Sharky & George | Jaw-dropping children’s parties, London

"Their enthusiasm, energy and creativity were infectious and all the kids were engaged and had the most fantastic time."

Alex Lipton

"It was so refreshing to go to a party where the kids ran around being silly and having fun!"

Annie Cunningham

"Coco and all the kiddies LOVED them - and it was so lovely to see even the most shy of her friends joining in and having fun."

Abigail Draper

"It was great having done 3 parties in less than 10 months with you!"

Anjani Vasson

"The lads were brilliant Absolutely fantastic, everyone adored them - children, parents, adults!!! "

Katie Holmes

"I am now a Sharky & George devotee, despite being hit by a water balloon!"

Kirstie Allsopp

"Thank you Sharky and George for the best party, Harry loved it! Don't know where Max and John found the energy! Next year survival!!!! X"

Holly Willoughby


Rebecca Lowthorpe

"This is our 3rd Sharky and George party and I know we will be booking again........ "

Lizzie Ferry

"The greatest thing ever! All 3 of the crew were pro-active, helpful and friendly from the very beginning."


"Tom and James were like those big brothers that young kids dream of having. "

Edith Bowman

"Sharky and George are simply the best! Kids (and me!) love them."

Bear Grylls

"I have had Sharky and George Parties for both my boys for several years now - and I cannot recommend them highly enough"

Miranda Moody

"In the words of Robert’s mate, Douglas, also 6 years old, “It was epic!” "

Jan Griffin

"By the end of the party, the giant cardboard pirate ship was a giant flattened cardboard mess which was a sure sign that fun was had by all!!"

Tammy Brenan

"All the parents had to do was watch in admiration - bliss! "

Jane Parker

"They were energetic and imaginative and the kids had a fantastic time. "


"The best kids party I've hosted or been to in 7 years of motherhood . "

Clare Leon-Villapalos

"We were really delighted and most importantly the children had a brilliant time at the Party."

Paula, Fabrizio & Milo.

"Natalia, jim and stewart were amazing. Id like to adopt them. Seriously so charming and so good with the little kids."


"They entertained an active, noisy bunch of kids aged between 3 and 7 with seemingly effortless (and certainly enviable) ease. "

Tess Player

"They took all the kids' exuberant energy and used it positively, without letting it get out of control. "


"I have never seen Hosy and her friends have so much fun in two hours."

Tilly Boulter

"Streets ahead of anyone else in terms of getting everyone involved, having lots of fun and being hugely entertaining. "


"I may as well pre-book Jake's parties for the next 6 years with S&G right now! "


"Once again Sharkey & George has done an incredible job!"

Jennifer Parker