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Don't You Dare - The S&G Book

"Don't You Dare" is our first book of games, pranks and good honest fun. It is based on the mischief from our parties and the extraordinary things that we like to get up to whenever we have a spare moment. It's geared towards anyone from about 7 years old and up and needs virtually no adult supervision. The aim is to provide hours of fun and games with no expensive props, toys or hours of preparation. As well as giving you lots of ideas, "Don't You Dare" is a book that needs to be used, bashed about, drawn in, and sent on very specific missions. The first thing to do is remove the dust cover, turn it inside out and using the stickers inside and colouring pens, create your own unique and personalised cover! Good Luck!

"It’s colourful, fun and full of excitement. They’ve even included a double page spread of fun little stickers. There’s nothing I don’t love about this book... "

My Baba

"Endless amusement and ideas for my little 6 year old boy and his father. "

Being a Mummy (Blog)

"Packed full of games and ideas to keep kids amused. "

Lashes and Little Ones

"If you are looking for ways to keep children busy on a budget this is the book for you."

Cherished By Me

"Fun, involving and full of ideas for games and activities that largely involve nothing more complex than open space."

C. Thompson 5 STAR Amazon Review

"The Perfect Present for boys and girls aged 12 and under.... utterly brilliant, funny, endlessly inventive, with no expensive props needed."

Susannah Frieze

"If you have never made play dough yourself either before, I urge you to try it is actually VERY easy and did not take long to make - wooo hoooo! "

Mummy Mishaps (Blog)

"Brilliant for the British weather"

Mummy Matters (blog)