Sharky & George | Brilliant kids parties for children of all ages


Sharky & George's brilliant kids' parties started out while Charlie (Sharky) Astor and George Whitefield were at University in Bristol, studying French & Politics and Biology respectively. The main reason was that neither of them had really grown up and found that they had a natural ability to come up with engaging, wholesome and energetic games for children and to deliver them as "normal", "older brother" figures rather than as 'performers' or 'entertainers'.

As well as organising hundreds of brilliant kids' parties every year, Sharky & George is fast becoming a well-known and trusted children's brand that really values the importance of finding the fun in everything and in every situation we find ourselves in. With the launch of the first Sharky & George book "Don't You Dare" and the great success of Sharky & George Clothing, all the S&G team are set to be extremely busy for many years to come.

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